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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Interview With Health Enthusiast and Chiropractor, Dr. Daisy Sutherland

Guest Bio:
Meet health and wellness enthusiast and host of the popular Website "Dr. Mommy And Friends" at www.DrMommyOnline.com., Dr. Daisy Sutherland. Dr. Sutherland is a Doctor of Chiropractic, Author, Speaker, wife and mom to 5 children.

Welcome, Dr. Sutherland. I understand that, online, on your popular website, you're known as Dr.Mommy, so I'll call you that, here. Let me start by saying how much I love your balanced approach to wellness in all aspects, including weight control.

Dr. Mommy: 
Thanks. I'm honored and happy to join you.

Dr. Rita:
Dr. Mommy, one word really jumped out at me in the emails we shared before this interview. The word was "identity." As a Christian, I believe it's imperative that we find out who Christ says we are rather than who the world says we are. Can you please tell us why it's important to know our true identity in order to experience optimal physical health? 

Dr. Mommy:
In order for all of us to experience optimal physical health we must first be aware of ourselves, our identities so to speak. Each and every one of us is created uniquely and for that reason can not be placed into a 'box' when it comes to health and wellness. What may work for one person will possibly not work for another. Once you identify your strengths and weaknesses you can obtain optimal health and live a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Dr. Rita:
What do you think of the idea that believing lies about our identities impacts our health and wellness behaviors? 

Dr. Mommy: 
I believe it's true. In terms of weight control, one of the biggest lies that will affect weight control is the belief that you simply can't obtain success. That one lie can truly keep you from moving forward in anything in life and most importantly obtaining optimal health. Another big lie is that one where you must limit certain foods from your diet. Once you begin to place limitations such as no sweets, no carbs, no fats, etc, you are depriving yourself and your body. That will lead to obsession which will then lead to failure. Instead consider treating yourself on occasion, not placing unrealistic limitations on yourself.

Dr. Rita: 
How about telling us the story of a specific person you have treated (like a patient or someone who contacted you on your Website)? What lies did he or she believe and what truth helped him or her lose weight?

Dr. Mommy:
I've had the honor to help many women with their health goals. One of the biggest challenges they have are physical activity. First off, the word 'exercise' leaves a bad taste in everyone's mouth for some reason so I like using the word 'activity' instead. 
One patient in particular thought that 'exercise' meant running. Now, there is nothing wrong with running, however, this patient took running to an extreme and decided she was going to train to run a marathon. This patient is in her 50's and has never run a marathon much less run short distances. She was in a lot of pain and was very discouraged. My recommendation to her was to first and foremost, let go of the thought of running a marathon. She was hesitant because she had told her family and friends and didn't want to let them down. Wow! She was afraid of letting 'them' down! After much counseling it was decided that she was going to begin her 'activity' schedule with walking and work her way up to a light jog. She let go of her unrealistic goals of running a marathon and is much happier and I am happy to report she has lost weight too.

Dr. Rita:
That's a great story. Perfectionism can be our enemy, and so can false fears and insecurities (like the fear of disappointing others). Since we're now talking about emotions, tell us more about how emotions relate to our perception of our identity, and how do they translate into health behaviors?

Dr. Mommy: 
Emotions play a huge role in health. If you are unhappy with your appearance it will be evident in your attitude, how you dress and how you interact with others. It's very difficult to switch your emotion when you are truly unhappy with not only how you look but what you have become. Once you are able to identify the true beauty that lies within each and every one of you and that you created by and for greatness a true transformation will occur. It all begins with you and loving yourself, which for many is very difficult.

Dr. Rita: 
I love the way you think! Now, if you don't mind me shifting gears, in case people want to learn more about your books, can you give me a brief description of each of your books? Don't forget to tell us about your brand new book that's coming out this month!

Dr. Mommy:
My very first book, Dr. Mommy's Life Lessons, is a book that I wrote to share the many lessons I have learned from my children. Having a family truly changes your thinking and how you approach certain situations. In this book I share my faith, family stories as well as health tips. You can find it in my website's online store, as well as on amazon.com

My second book is a health journal called: The Road to a Healthier Lifestyle in 52 Weeks. This journal contains tips that are often neglected but if followed will help you live a happier and healthier lifestyle. It can also be found on my online store or on Amazon.com

My third book is Letting Go of Super Mom ~ Dr. Mommy's 'Get Real' Approach to a Balance Life. This book contains tons of tips such as parenting and relationship tools, time management and organization tips as well has how to handle stress and more. This book will be available on Amazon.com as well as your local book stores.

Dr. Rita: 
Thanks so much for your excellent insight and resources, Dr. Mommy! And Congratulations on the release of your latest book. I'm sure it will be a great success. 

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